Street Basics Power Guide to SEO

A Step-by-Step Guide to SEO Fundamentals by Toronto SEO Experts

*** NOTE: Special pricing!!  As we haven't yet updated these lessons for 2020, you get these SEO tips & strategies at a discounted price. No worries, this will still teach you what you need to know for white hat SEO techniques. Some of the pages we show you though may have a new look, or names. ***

Is your website buried in search results? Are you struggling to even know where to begin? Within just a few hours, you could learn current, powerful and easy to follow steps that will make a difference in your online results. 

What am I going to get from this course? 

• Over 20 lectures full of practical lessons and tips 
• Discover how to harness the power of SEO to improve your Google ranking 
• Learn how to help the search engines find, read and catalogue your website 
Ranking higher with the search engines will increase organic traffic to your site, which, of course, is a great thing! Become an industry leader by learning and implementing the steps in this course – steps others are paying thousands for others to do for them. I will walk you through the sites and tools I use that have helped businesses get to the first page of Google. If you want free traffic coming into your site, then please try this course. I want to help! I will even show you tools you can use to “spy" on your competition to determine why they are outranking you. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

• Understand search engine “rules" 
• Apply basic SEO strategies to your own websites 
• Access analytics & measurement tools to identify problem areas, where traffic is coming from & more! 
• Locate sources of high quality links 
• Optimize front and back end content 

Who Should Take This Course?:

• Business owners 
• Marketing professionals 
• Those looking to expand their marketable job skills 
• Entrepreneurs and start ups 

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to SEO

    • Welcome!

    • What is SEO?

  • 2

    Powerful Tools That Will Help you Triumph Online

    • Google Algorithms & Website Speed

    • Backlinks: Introduction

    • Backlinks: Practical

    • Backinks: Final

    • Keywords: Introduction

    • Google Keyword Planner

    • Keywords: Final

    • Meta Descriptions

    • Optimizing Content: Overview

    • Optimizing Content: Practical

    • Optimizing Content: Bonus Tips

    • Social Media

    • Local SEO: Introduction

    • Local SEO: Final

  • 3

    Tackle Box Analytic Essentials

    • Google Analytics

    • Google Analytics: Final

    • Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools + Verifying Ownership

    • Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

    • Using Google Webmaster Tools (basics)

    • Google Webmaster Tools: Final Tip

  • 4

    One Final Tool, More Tips & Wrap Up!

    • Essential Tool You Will Love

    • Final Tips & Farewell

Course Requirements:

• A business website built using Wordpress 
• Basic familiarity with using Wordpress 
• Interest in ranking higher to generate more traffic to your website! 
• Google Chrome (free Internet browser) 

Notes & Disclaimer

Notes: This course offers SEO fundamentals – a great STARTING point for results, but these are still starting points so may not have a huge impact on your results. There is a lot more you can do to raise your authority and ranking including advanced SEO techniques, content, video, social media, etc. 
This course does not tell you what the search engines specifically want, as the specific formulas used by search engines are secret. The information in the course is based on what the search engines have said or written, principles used by SEO experts in my network and principles I have used to get my clients results. 

What Students Are Saying:

Deepak N.

Overall a good learning experience especially for someone who is not from a marketing background, fundamentals are well covered. After this course you will definitely get a hang of some of the factors which will help in improve your website ranking. Good Job Tricia and Thank You!

James S.

I really enjoyed your course! I normally purchase a dozen courses at a time because I know 95% of them will fall short. But your course was one of the 5% that was well worth the asking price! Thanks for presenting high quality content.

Tosha L.

This a wonderful clear and concise guide to helping folks understand SEO. I thought the instructor did a great job and I hope she will do an intermediate course.

Brighton W.

I just finished the course - one of the few courses on Udemy where I stuck with it and made it to the final lesson! Tricia is great and goes step by step through SEO - including using analytic tools to judge how well you (and your competition) is doing at ranking for key words. Thanks

Jason T.

Extremely informative and thorough. I can't wait to institute all these SEO improvements on my site and see the positive results.