Your Fail-Proof Online Course & Marketing Foundation

  • Research The Marketplace

    Discover strategies to help you kick butt when your course is launched! Learn what's in demand & trending!

  • Complete Your Framework

    Gather ideas & make decisions for your course outline, headline, lesson outlines, description & more

  • Begin Your Marketing Plan

    Competition analysis & fun with ethical “spying” to begin your marketing roadmap & strategy plan



** This course will give you the framework you need in order to pre-sell your course and test it in the marketplace **


In this level, you will create your full course outline & framework.  

No matter where else you go in your journey, this is the place everyone should begin. WHY? Because at this level you will do the necessary steps to create a course that is in demand, priced correctly and gets found! 

Build A Strong Foundation

This course covers what to do before your course is completed (PRE-LAUNCH). By doing all the steps, you are building out a 1. solid course framework and
2. strong foundation for all your future marketing. 

NOTE:  I'm showing you my exact formula I developed to make the course building process as effective, simple and fast as possible. I promise you will find course building a whole lot easier and approach what you promote a whole lot differently after taking this course. You will love these strategies!

Top Reasons to Take THIS COURSE right away:

This course has the exact steps I wish I had when I developed my first course. It is the ultimate powerful starting point for all course makers - whether beginner or pro. 

  • You will learn how to use marketing strategies to build a superior course and set it up for the highest potential of success
  • Get top marketing secrets to gaining more course traffic, sales and enrolments

  • Learn how to use free online tools to your advantage and to help your course become a best selling course in your niche

  • Begin marketing your course and gaining interest in it, even before your course is developed

  • Use super fun ways to play detective and ethically spy on your competitors (can you say “muh ha ha ha.”)

  • Learn effective marketing techniques used by the highest selling course instructors

  • Take steps to validating your course idea and ensuring your course will be a money generator

Course Requirements:

  • Just starting out or have already started building an online course
  • Basic or above level understanding of social media and Internet browsing
  • No other prior marketing knowledge is required!
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Diving in With Research

    • What Do People Want To Learn & What Will They Pay For?

    • Pulling Content Ideas From Amazon

    • Keyword Research – Let’s Start With Google

    • Questions People Are Asking

    • Semantic Keywords

  • 3

    Suggested Tools

    • Traffic Tracking

    • Traffic Tracking (Part 2)

  • 4

    Competition Hacking

    • Competition "Spying" (Part 1). You will love this tool!

    • Easily Find & See What Your Competitor's Are Advertising on Facebook

    • This Tool Will Show You The Hottest Content Your Competition Is Putting Out

    • Learn About Your Competitor's Followers (demographics etc.)

  • 5

    Your Target Audience (a.k.a. avatar)

    • Creating Your Target Audience

  • 6

    Course Hype Building

    • Building Course Anticipation, Hype & Curiosity

  • 7

    Begin Authority Building & Promotion Basics

    • Facebook Messenger Bots

    • Authority Building

  • 8

    Wrap Up & Thank You

    • Final Words

    • BONUS Lecture: Learn How To Create Video Ads

    • BONUS 2: Creating & Editing Slides and Videos With Canva

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What Students Are Saying:

Paola C.

I like that the strategies are specific and courses are a great way to build career skills, but also share the skills I have. This course has given me many tangible resources for building my own online course

Adrienne S.

Clearly outlined, easy to follow, moderator spoke well as she guided us through the lesson

Lukman O.

The course gave me a great insight!

Justice K.

Great course. Thank you

Acel F.

Amazing content and very insightful...

Paula A.

What an absolutely amazing course! Fantastic step-by-step beginner-friendly tips, tricks, and "Ninja secrets" to enact while creating your course, or even before you even begin!!!

What's Next?: STAGE 1B

Use your developed material, title, description, lesson outline, etc. to create a compelling landing page you can use to sell an online live version of your upcoming course (which doesn’t actually need to be developed yet!).

  • Pre-selling your course gives you the flexibility to first test the market response to your material, ideas & approach, and see if people will actually pay money for it.

  • When you deliver your course live, you are learning what needs to be added, adjusted, deleted and more, so in effect, creating an overall more powerful course.

  • This is a profitable move to make! Once your live course is in demand and people are getting results, your goal should be to turn it into a powerful superstar course that you can let run evergreen (on autopilot).

All Our Courses Come With:

  • 1 YEAR Access to course updates

  • Answers to questions that you post (must be related to the course)

  • Special tips or announcements that will help you

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

What Students Are Saying

5 star rating

Great insights for creating a successful course

Cathy Ginsberg

I really enjoyed this course and discovered new ideas for both developing the curriculum and promoting the course itself for a successful launch. Highly reco...

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I really enjoyed this course and discovered new ideas for both developing the curriculum and promoting the course itself for a successful launch. Highly recommended!

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