How To Create An Online Course - Essentials


  • Profitable Design

    Learn key strategies to designing a professional looking course, built to sell from the start!

  • Student Results

    Ways to lay out your lessons for student ease, engagement, and to help them get results!

  • Creating Like A Pro

    Learn how to outline, sell and price your course to make it attractive against competing courses




Welcome to Stage 1B of your 6-Stage online course journey. In Stage 1A, you learned about how to use marketing tools to help you build out your course framework. In this stage, Stage 1B, you will how to put everything you have so far together, and actually create your online course.

Top Reasons to Take THIS COURSE right away:

  • Ideas on how to design your course to make it more profitable
  • How to use the research you already did to design your course title, descriptions, lesson outlines, and more
  • How to lay out your course outline so students get results
  • How to create course content and the best ways to present it
  • The basics: pricing, platforms, payments
  • Extra tips on how to get students to interact with you, and how to add more value to the course
  • Basics on answering questions, listening to feedback and improving your course from these

Course Requirements:

  • Built To Sell Online Courses Level 1A
  • Just starting out or have already started building an online course
  • No other prior marketing knowledge is required!

Special Notes: Planning to pre-sell your course?

Pre-selling is where you offer just enough information where people will purchase your course, which they will then take at a later date when it is finished. Typically, instructors will offer the pre-sell course live – which allows them to put it out quicker, and get direct feedback from students to constantly improve. You can learn more about pre-selling courses in Stage 4.

If you’re going down the pre-selling route, we still encourage you to still take Stage 1B, but you may not want build out your entire formal completed course until after your pre-sell and can inject the feedback you received from your students following your live delivery. 

COMING JAN1st 2021!!

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    New Chapter

    • WELCOME!

What's Next?: STAGE 2

Use your developed material to put your course up on marketplaces such as Udemy, Skillshare, LearnFly & more!

  • Learn marketing tricks needed to get your course to stand out

  • Learn the basics of uploading your course, pricing, etc.

  • Learn how to market your course quickly & effectively to rank high on the platform's search results

All Our Courses Come With:

  • 1 YEAR or Lifetime Access to course updates

  • Answers to questions that you post (must be related to the course)

  • Special tips or announcements that will help you

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee